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Please stand with me and support my campaign by signing my petition, which is found below, so that I may be placed on the 2024 ballot. Much work needs to be done, and I am up for the task!

Please click below and download the petition. Please complete it and mail a printed version to my campaign address below. (ATTENTION! Please download it from a laptop or PC. Mobile Devices will not work.)

Milo Thornton Campaign
7145 East Village Square
Vero Beach, FL 32966

My Candidacy Statement

My decision to run for sheriff came after a lot of prayer, consulting with my family, my friends, and my mentors.

During my 25 plus year career, I have maintained a high standard of integrity, which I believe is nonnegotiable in the criminal justice field. The main function and purpose of the sheriff’s office is to ensure public safety and operate a safe and humane correctional facility. Of the many issues facing the law enforcement community today, maintaining public trust is our main objective. Our deputies are in a position of trust and responsibility for the community. I believe it is important to continually promote high expectations and a clear mission for the sheriff’s office.

Courage, compassion, teamwork, trustworthiness, justice and service are fundamental values that are the cornerstones of responsible law enforcement agency. The employees of the sheriff’s office will receive the best training available to provide the highest quality of service to our citizens and visitors of Indian River County. By promoting these values on a consistent basis, we will ensure that our standard of professional customer service and obtain results of the highest caliber.

I have spent my entire adult life working on fostering those good solid relationships that treat the underlying conditions, that are present, that lead people down the path to commit crime in the first place. I truly feel that crime is a symptom of another problem and it is those years of preparation, and those relationships that are built that will make sure that we preserve the highest standard and quality of life that our citizens expect and deserve!